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Massage table SM-E Apollo II footrest adjustment in the minus and plus

The 5-segment SM-E Apollo II massage table with electric height adjustment (broken) will find its application in massage and rehabilitation rooms. It is a high quality product, made with due attention to every detail. The high-resistant upholstery is vinyl and the base is made of powder-coated steel profiles.

The table is equipped with a five-segment bed so that the masseur can adapt it to current needs. Height adjustment in this model is by an electric servomotor, which is controlled by a hand-held remote control, which saves the masseur's strength and time. The headrest tilt angle is adjusted with gas springs, while the entire backrest is electrically adjustable. In this model, it is possible to break the table using an electric actuator, which allows you to set the Pivot position. This model has an adjustable footrest, which allows it to be adjusted to the chair position (electrically standard). It is also possible to set to Trendelenburg and Antitrendelenburg positions at an angle of 20 degrees. It is an advanced product that will meet all customer requirements. Further advantages are stable construction, intuitive operation.


Standard equipment:

  • Five-segment bed

  • Hole in the headrest

  • The headrest is adjustable with a gas spring -85 - 50 °

  • The backrest is electrically adjustable up to 85 °

  • Narrow headrest equipped with armrests

  • Electrically adjustable height with a 60-100 cm hand remote control

  • Length 195 cm

  • A width of 68 cm

  • Adjustable to Pivot position electrically 0-20 °

  • Adjusting the footrest to the "Armchair" position electrically

  • Footrest adjustment in minus! - 20 - 85 °

  • Setting to Trendelenburg and Antitrendelenburg position 20 °

  • The structure was powder painted, color - light gray

  • Leather-like upholstery

Additional equipment:

  • Disinfectant - 1 L spray

  • Non-alcoholic disinfecting wipes

  • Chassis with central brake

  • A set of massage fittings

  • Paper towel hanger

  • Height adjustment via a steering frame

  • Height adjustment with a foot control

  • Headrest with a round plug and cushion

  • Headrest plug



Attention when ordering, please note that the additions headrest plug and headrest with round plug and cushion as well as the control frame and foot remote control are mutually exclusive and should not be ordered together !!!


Stół do masażu i terapii manualnej SM E Apollo II