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8 x 1 kg

FRT-B rehabilitation chair

Chair for exercise of lower and upper limbs, and the shoulder joint, equipped with two heads and stabilisation straps.
Length adjustment of the seat using knobs on both sides of the chair. Backrest angle (0 to 85º) adjustment using a gas spring. Setting of the height of the head rotation axis using knobs located in the front of the chair. Setting of the angle between the arms of the head by means of a locked toothed coupling using a knob. Accessories: 3 stabilisation straps, weights (2 x 2.5 kg, and 4 x 1.25 kg).
The chair is mounted in the frame; on both sides of the backrest, there are special handles to place heads to train upper limbs and shoulder in the supine position. Handles for head arms are adjustable to the length of patient's arm.
The upholstery colour can be selected.


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