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Офіційним дистриб'ютором нашої продукції в Україні є ТОВ «Медилайн».

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Company's business profile

The main idea of ​​the company established in 1996 was the willingness to help people with disabilities and children suffering from cerebral palsy and movement disorders who have a chance to regain full physical fitness thanks to rehabilitation.

The company – managed by the Pasławskis family – offers roughly a hundred high-quality products for rehabilitation.

In addition to serial products, the company supplies individual components for e.g. individual customers who have no rooms big enough for the equipment or cannot afford to purchase an  entire device.

Therefore, e.g. the "mini UGUL" slimmed down to a minimum set of ropes and slings enables the customer to make use of rehabilitation of specific disorders in a small flat.

The company manufactures a full range of kinesitherapy equipment for children and adults. 

  • TECH-MED s.j. provides substantial discounts taking into account financial capabilities of each buyer.
  • The company provides advice and assistance, as well as short lead time of orders, warranty and non-warranty service, competitive prices, delivery and installation at customer's address.